Insulated glass

Insulated glass Instructions:

Insulating Glass 
The type of glass clear float glass、low iron glass、reflective glass、stained glass、Online LOW-E、Offline LOW-E、frosted glass、tempered glass、silk screen printing glass、fireproof glass、bullet-proof glass、laminated glass、Wired glass、curved tempered glass
Flat glass Thickness 3mm-19mm
Cover Thickness 4A、6A、8A、9A、10A、12A、15A、19A
Sealant Silicone sealant, structural silicone sealant
Min size 300mm*300mm
Max size 3660mm*2440mm
Oversize 10000mm*3300mm

Insulated glass

Insulated glass is made of two or more pieces of glass glazing sheets which might be low e or reflective glass or normal float colored glass and use sealant gumming and aluminum spacers which was filled with desiccant together. Insulated glass/ Hollow glass/IGU/Double glazing glass with the perimeter of the spacer that gets in contact with the glass is properly sealed with primary and secondary sealants to ensure it with air/argon tight.


1.Thermal performance

2.Energy-saving building materials

3.Sound insulation

4.No dewing in low temperatures

5.Create aesthetic sense to buildings


The insulated glass is widely used in glass curtain walls, doors, windows and place with glass in automobile, ships, aircrafts instrumentsand Refrigerator freezer

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