Fireproof , bullet-proof glass

Fireproof , bullet-proof glass Instructions:

Fireproof Glass 
Specifications BFB-05-C1.50£¨90 minutes£©¡¢BFB-06-C1.50£¨90 minutes£©¡¢BFB-08-C1.50£¨90 minutes£©                                                 BFB-10-C2.0£¨120 minutes£©¡¢BFB-12-C2.0£¨120 minutes£©¡¢BFB-15-C2.0£¨120 minutes£©
Implementation of standards GB15763.1-2009
Min size 300mm*300mm
Max size 3660mm*2440mm
Oversize 10000mm*3300mm

Bullet-proof Glass 
 Thickness 5mm-19mm
PVB Thickness 0.76mm¡¢1.14mm¡¢1.52mm
Min size 300mm*300mm
Max size 3660mm*2440mm

Fireproof glass

Fireproof glass is a new functional material which used in construction, with good light- transmission and fire retardant properties. They are the same with float glass on the surface, but they used the physical method and special techniques processing the float glass to get it. With high-heat resistance, light specific gravity, high transparency, no yellow, no bubbles and other unique characteristics. It can hold not burst within 1000 degrees Celsius flames 84-183 minute, thus effectively to prevent flame and smoke spread.


Even if broken, the fire proof glass will be broken into fragments with no sharp edges; Preventing the spreading of smoke, toxic gas from flame to help evacuate people

In the same thickness, its anti-shocking is roughly 1.5~3 times than tempered glass, 6~12 times than common glass;

Processed :Can be made to insulated glass, laminated glass ,reflective glass and so on .

High light transmittance & thermal stability;


Fireproof glass is safety glass, which is widely used as window glass, door glass, curtain wall glass, fencing glass in buildings, hotels, curtain wall, etc

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