Silk Screen Printing glass

Silk Screen Printing glass Instructions:

Silk Screen Printing ,Painted Glass Specification
The type of glass clear flaot glass¡¢low iron glass¡¢stained glass¡¢Reflective glass¡¢Online LOW-E¡¢fireproof glass¡¢frosted glass¡¢Acid etched glass
 Thickness 5mm-19mm
Min size 300mm*300mm
Max size 3660mm*2440mm

Silk Screen Printing glass

Screen printing is to print patterns onto glass by special screen with inorganic color materials. Then fuse the color materials into glass surface through the toughening furnace. The printed pattern is durable and the color will not be fade.


Silk Screen Printing glass glass is safety glass, which is widely used as window glass, door glass, curtain wall glass, fencing glass in buildings, hotels, curtain wall, etc

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